Celebrating Every Woman, inspiring kindness

We are on a mission to celebrate every woman and inspire kindness along the way. Our wellness gifts and individual products are designed to support women through the happy times, celebrate the best of times and help her through the more difficult times.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, she will love your kind gesture, and we promise she will love the pamper treats you choose. Each product has been created with a blend of all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Everything is free from nasty parabens and always vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Our Co-Founders

Planet, Place, People

We are passionate about our planet, our home in the Highlands and supporting people. When we buy a gift for a loved one, we consciously think about the brand’s ethos, the products impact on the planet and the conscious care that has been taken to create a sustainable product. We know our customers expect the same, and that is why here at Life Is Lovely, we are on a mission to bring you thoughtful, ethical, and sustainable gifts.

All our packaging is kind to the planet, and over 95% is paper-based. Our product bags and pouches are biodegradable, compostable and or recycled.

Still, we want to keep going further and consciously work to reduce waste and bring you even more sustainability in our gifts.

Every ingredient in our signature products have been sourced from ethical companies, and every single raw element is cruelty-free, all-natural and vegan friendly.

We also do our best to find partners with the same values. While some of the partner products that feature in our gift boxes may contain small amounts of plastic, we know these companies are already striving to reduce their footprint on our planet. We are committed to growing alongside these businesses to join forces to reduce our collective footprint on the plant.

We put this mission at the heart of everything we do so that the gift you share with your loved one also shows love for the planet, place and people.

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