How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and will be celebrated throughout the UK on March 27th this year. You’re probably starting to think about how you can treat your mum or the mother figures in your life (or, perhaps you’re reading this on the eve of the 27th looking for last-minute ideas!) Maybe you know someone who has just become a new mum and you’re looking to treat them to some much-needed self-care.

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Whatever your situation, our list of gift ideas and ways to celebrate the occasion is here to help guide you!

How Did Mother's Day Originate?

In ancient times, there were festivals to honour mother figures among gods and goddesses. For example, the Phrygians would celebrate the Great Mother of the Gods, Cybele, by holding a festival. During the Middle Ages, children would often leave home to work at a young age (usually around 10 years old). At Lent, children would return home or to their ‘mother’ church. Historians have argued that it was this tradition that led to the Mother’s Day holiday we know today. This celebration became ‘Mothering Sunday’ in 16th Century England. Children who had left home to work would be given time off on the fourth Sunday of Lent to go home to their mother and church. The eldest child would bring a ‘mothering cake’ for the entire family to share and children would assume the duties of the mother for that day. Today’s celebrations share similarities in that children will give their mothers gifts, cook for them or treat them to something special.

So, how can you celebrate?

Make Her A Special Meal

Throughout our lives, mother figures have usually been the ones to cook meals for us, especially growing up. Why not give her a well-deserved day off and treat her to a meal prepared by you on Mother’s Day? From something simple like tea and toast as breakfast in bed to her favourite comfort food for dinner, there are a number of dishes you could treat her to. No matter what you end up cooking, the mother figure in your life will no doubt appreciate any effort you put in on Mother’s Day.

Treat Mum To A Day Out

With busy schedules, it can often be difficult to spend quality time with family or friends. Why not ensure you have free time on Mother’s Day and dedicate the day to spending quality time with your mum, or the mother figure in your life? Perhaps there is a place that means a lot to both of you that you could visit together, or maybe your mum has mentioned visiting somewhere she’d like to go; you could take her there on the day.

Give Her A Unique Gift

Sometimes it isn’t possible to be together on the special day so you might find yourself spending a while searching for the perfect gift to send her instead. Why not take a look at our perfectly curated unique gifts for Mother’s Day? At Life Is Lovely, our mission is to help you put the lovely in her day. For this reason, we have taken care in building some perfect and unique Mother’s Day treats combining our signature wellness products with beautiful journals and luxury chocolates to create the perfect Mother’s Day treats. You can even build your own unique gift so that your mum is treated to something special created by you.

Celebrate A New Or Expecting Mum This Mother's Day

A new mum’s first Mother’s Day is often very exciting and will be a memory to cherish forever. The arrival of a new baby is such a special time, but it can also be very tiring and new mums deserve some treats to help them relax. Why not offer a new mum in your life a helping hand or treat her to some unique goodies? Maybe you know a mum-to-be and would like to treat her to something special carefully created with an infusion of pregnancy-safe ingredients.

However you choose to celebrate the mother figure in your life on this special holiday, she is bound to be appreciative of the effort you make. From its origins, the day was founded to show support and appreciation to the woman who has supported you throughout your life. At Life Is Lovely we are on a mission to bring you thoughtful, ethical, and sustainable gifts. This Mother’s Day you can be assured that you are treating your mum to a gift that is kind to the planet by choosing a gorgeous gift box created with eco-friendly materials in the Highlands of Scotland.

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