How to Empower Other Women

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

Women are strong and capable of absolutely anything we set our minds to. What makes a woman fearless is her ability to be scared but to do things despite these fears. Can you imagine the power behind several fearless women supporting each other? Women supporting women as a collective makes an impact. They say it’s a man’s world, but the truth is, as women supporting women channeling the power of collaboration, the world becomes ours.

So, how can we support one another and show that we care about each other’s success?

Prioritise Building Relationships

Does your calendar, both inside and outside of work, reflect your values? More often than not, it doesn’t. This is usually down to the amount of pressure we put on ourselves to get things done. Sometimes we put our own needs to the side in order to focus on career moves, and often our own needs include friendships and relationships with other women. One of the first steps to empower other women is to first build and make time for, a relationship with them. Go for a coffee, chat about your day,send them a self-care package, go on a road trip… whatever you choose to do with your time, make sure you prioritise your mental wellbeing and that of other women by making time for them. Spending time with other women will likely leave you feeling empowered, help to increase your productivity at work, and boost your mental wellbeing.

Amplify Other Women: “I Don’t Shine If You Don’t Shine”

Have you ever heard of the ‘Shine Theory’? It’s the idea that when one woman helps to build up and provide another woman with a platform, we shine collectively. As humans, we are competitive. It’s in our nature. So, it might feel weird if you’re a business owner to divert attention to somebody else’s brand. However, it highlights that you’re supportive and an inspiring leader while another woman’s work reaches new audiences — a win-win! Our mission at Life Is Lovely is to create unique gifts to show women you care. As a female-founded family business, we truly recognise and appreciate collaboration with other small businesses. We apply the Shine Theory across all aspects of our business and love sharing successes with like-minded boss babes! Lift other women up and you too will soon feel lifted.

Support Your Squad

Think about which women you go to first in an emergency or if you need some advice. Do you offer the same support to them when they need it? Perhaps you’ve been there for them during a big life change like pregnancy.  A milestone like that certainly is something to celebrate and new mothers will likely be very appreciative of any support during their new journey. Maybe you want to arrange a baby shower for the new mum in your squad, or you’ve been helping around with life’s little chores during her pregnancy. You could always show you care by treating her to some lovely mum-to-be presents to help her rest peacefully through each trimester. There’s no doubt that you and your gal pals will want to spoil both baby and mum when her mini me arrives, and our new mum gifts will set her up for some much needed relaxation.

Whatever you’re going through, it’s always nice to have a friend or loved one by your side. Building and supporting a squad will ensure you all have someone to turn to in times of need or in times of joy. A fully supportive squad will often feel like an extension of your family with who you can have loads of fun.

Support and sisterhood is the way to go to create a progressive future for females around the world. Creating a better future doesn’t have to be a mammoth task for everyone — it can start with small acts of kindness. Sometimes, showing your support comes in the little things like carrying someone’s groceries. At Life Is Lovely our mission is to help ‘put the lovely in her day’ whether she is near or far away. No matter the occasion you can show your love and support for another woman with our beautiful gift boxes created in the Highlands of Scotland. One small act can spark an entire movement for women’s empowerment in your circle of female relationships.

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