Menopause Hot Flushes: Find Balance with Our Pulse Point Oil

Woman having a hot flush, in front of a fan

Hey there, fabulous lady! If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re navigating the rollercoaster that is menopause.

Hot flushes? They’re probably your uninvited guest, right? Well, let’s chat about a natural way to help keep them in check: our Balance Pulse Point Oil, a game-changer for managing menopause hot flushes.

Understanding Menopause Hot Flushes

Hot flushes are like those random pop-up ads – sudden, intense, and usually unexpected. One moment, you’re comfortably enjoying your day, the next, you’re caught in a tropical heatwave. Not the most pleasant experience, we know.

An image of the Balance Oil product by LovelyMama

Taming the Heat: Balance Pulse Point Oil

But here’s the good news. At LovelyMama, we’ve got your back with a natural solution to help manage those pesky menopause hot flushes.

Meet our Balance Pulse Point Oil – a unique blend of essential oils designed to help restore equilibrium to your mind and body.

Why Choose Balance Pulse Point Oil?

Natural Ingredients: Our Pulse Point Oil is a blend of natural essential oils, like sage and peppermint, known for their cooling and balancing properties.

Easy to Use: Simply apply the oil to your pulse points, like your wrists or neck. The cooling sensation can help provide a moment of relief when a hot flush strikes.

Portable: Small enough to fit in your bag, our Balance Pulse Point Oil can be your on-the-go solution for those sudden flushes.

How to Use Balance Pulse Point Oil

In the face of a hot flush, here’s what to do:

Take a breather: Pause what you’re doing, if you can.

Apply the oil: Dab a small amount of Balance Pulse Point Oil on your pulse points.

Breathe deeply: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, letting the natural aroma of the oil work its magic.


Menopause might bring its challenges, like hot flushes, but it’s also a stage of life that can be filled with empowerment and wisdom.

And with our Balance Pulse Point Oil, you’ve got a gentle, natural tool in your arsenal to help restore a sense of balance during this journey.

Ready to try our Balance Pulse Point Oil and bring some cool relief to your menopause hot flushes? Check out our product page and let's navigate this season of life together, one soothing breath at a time.

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